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Perth. We love our DON'T signs.

Don't walk on the bike path. And don’t cycle on the footpath. The City of South Perth has got it sussed.

Saw this when out walking along the South Perth foreshore yesterday. This is a shortish piece of cycle path that runs across Sir James Mitchell Park. Most of the path that you might use on the 'Bridges' run, walk or cycle (ie around the Swan from the Narrows Bridge to the Causeway) is dual use.

So what's with this stunted section of single use cycleway? Odd.

Mr Trivia

My Riverside Calendar Shot

The Applecross foreshore last weekend.

Hot Batter

The diversity of reading material at my local chippie. Sonia Kruger on four covers. Count them. Four.

But this wasn't the most exciting thing about last night's meal. I ordered squid rings which fell apart while being deep fried; so when I got home I discovered that rather than half a dozen battered rings, I had six fried worm-shaped strips of calimari.

I think of them as squid laces. I coulda taken a picture, but what am I gonna do? record my entire life ans stick it on the Internets?

I think not.

Mr Trivia