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Refrigerated aisle, Coles. Ultra Nails $2 a Pop.

Because Coles sells everything. I am so glad that Woolies and Coles dominate grocery retail in Australia. I kind of wish they would merge into one mega-entity called "Coleworths" because sometimes I have to choose between the two stores. I have to stop and think - Coles or Woolies? That decision can take up to 30 seconds out of my packed daily schedule.

Basically, I really don't like making a decision unless it's for some kind of organised 'phone poll on television's TODAY TONIGHT programme.

The Millennium Mazda

Saw this in the car park at work. If you’re going to protect the interior of your car from the West Australian sun, why not do it in Pop Cultural style? To have Chewie, Han, Luke and Obi Wan sitting in your Mazda is why we fought and won the last war. Which one? Any of them, apart from the War on Drugs. It’s pretty obvious that Drugs are winning that one. Their supply lines need to be cut. Or maybe we should just wait for the Russian Winter. The thing is this; Freedom and Democracy are about the right to buy and sell frivolous things and not just about the serious stuff that Maslow buried at the base of his pyramid. Sure, the Third World probably doesn’t get why we in the First World want a USB stick shaped like a piece of sushi, but we do and we’re prepared to pay for it on E-bay. 

SEAWAY:Canada (1965-66)

This is what we insomniacs watch at one o'clock Monday mornings in Australia. Canadian Telly from the 1960s. SEAWAY is about the policing of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Imagine our own Water Rats (1996-2001) but with Montreal instead of Sydney, stark grey skies instead of blazing sunlight and a cool jazz score rather than pulsing generic rock. Strictly for sleepless fans of retro telly. (3/5)