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Tell Me Venn Will You Be Mine

So Zeitgeisters,

Miss Raspberry Beret and I were driving down Venn Street in North Perth. I said, “Venn diagrams” in that way you do to work your mouth and you have no connecting thought.

Fatally, Miss RB asked, “What’s a Venn diagram?”

And I said, “Well you have these two circles see. And there’s things inside them. Points. You know the circles overlap. And where they overlap…hold on. There’s these different objects. Some are in one circle and some are in the other. And there’s an array. No there isn’t. Forget everything I just said, there’s no array and I know f**k all about Venn diagrams.”

Everything I learned in high school twenty years ago has dried up into tiny particles which leak out of my ears while I sleep.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

Don't F__k with the D-Man

Y'know Zeitgeisters,
it’s easy to laugh at the screwed up lives of former child stars. So easy that this blog has thus far refused to stoop so low. However the antics of former child star Dustin Diamond, who played the character of Screech in the '90s teen series Saved by the Bell, are too damned weird and I have decided to break my own rule.

Diamond has a beef against a man called Arthur Girlado whom he blames for forcing him into foreclosure on his property. He impugns Giraldo’s professionalism and says “Let's face it, if he can't find the time to work on a mortgage for a famous celebrity, how will he handle the average person?"

This is probably not the best way to get people behind one’s cause, but does show the requisite delusion we have come to expect from former child stars. But maybe I’m being too harsh because Diamond then busts a move only available to a “famous celebrity”. As he says,"One phone call later I was telling the Stern show what had happe…

What’s with Bradley Whitford’s Hair?

Okay, Zeitgeisters, that’s as shallow an attention-grabbing start as one could ever want, but I really want to know. And sure, I’m really talking about Josh Lyman’s hair. (I’m like one of those people who insist on calling an actor by their character’s name – only in reverse. e.g. “Go Knight Boat!”)

Whitford plays Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman, in the Aaron Sorkin-created, NBC television series The West Wing. He plays this part to a tee and now he’s set to do great things in the new Sorkin drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I know this last bit because the Angriest Ex-Video Store Clerk in the world told me.

Oh, and Whitford’s married to the awesome Jane Kaczmarek who plays mom, Lois, in the series Malcolm in the Middle. So Mr Whitford’s your regular pop-cultural icon and yardstick for excellence. We’re here in this, frankly, puzzling cultural landscape, because I’ve just finished watching season four of The West Wing on DVD. And Josh Lyman’s hair has bothered me throughout. It’s…

State of Excitement!

The W.A. flag. That's a black swan, folks.
Zeitgeisters, we Western Australians are supposed to celebrate something called Foundation Day on June the 1st. However this is the kind of thing that you can’t get an entire community behind anymore. Politics, see.

So because Mr Trivia’s Tract is about uniting all the people of the world in a dance of joy, I propose to celebrate something about Western Australia in which the people of this great state can feel a warm, glow of pride.

Perth is home to Central Park tower which ranks 105th on a listing of the world’s top 200 tallest buildings! 105! Woohoo!


One hundred and fifth tallest building in the WORLD! Boo-YAH!

Check out the stats here, and sit back in awe, wonder and quiet contemplation at the science, technology and sheer West Aussie know-how that produced this glittering jewel in the crown of Australian Architecture.

Elevate the Magnificent,

Mr Trivia