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Who is Quincy?

Hi Zeitgeisters,

Wondering about all this "Quincy" stuff? No? Well if you were, you could head over to the site and discover a YouTube clip of a 1982 episode of QUINCY: M.E.

He was the Medical Examiner who got involved. He was a detective, a social worker, a rabble-rouser. As you will see.

As Wayne and Schuster used to say "They don't make 'em like that anymore!" The answer was always the same, "They won't let them..."

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

Quincy is Back!


As you can see, I've changed things here at The Tract. We've moved from Blogspot fave template "Minima Blue" to that other Blogspot fave "Rounders 3" - both designed by Douglas Bowman. Or Dave. No, Douglas.

But why? It's boxes, and it's pastelly, and there's a yellowy element and an uncomfortable evocation of institutional scrambled eggs with a wan side order of lettuce.

Very true. But after almost two years of our trusty friend Min Blue, I felt it was time to mix it up a little. Yeah, I know. Radical.

I'm also making changes to the other site

Remember, if it's good enough for the Buddha and Daisy Fuentes, it's good enough for us. Change, that is.

Sit back and enjoy the shifting panorama.



P.S. Oh yes, Quincy is back, brothers and sisters!

This Here is the Wattle...


Dunno what Australia Day was like in your part of Oz but across here in Perth it was an exuberant display of spirited patriotism - or an opportunity for numerous bogans - many wearing the Australian flag as a cape - to get completely trashed and act like d*ckheads.

I stayed out of my trendy South Perth apartment from 9am. The roadblocks were already up at the end of my street because the best vantage point for the fireworks display is only about a kilometre from my house.

When I got back home at 2am on Sunday, there were only three traffic cones, some hamburger buns, a few empty tinnies and about half a dozen cooked sausages strewn over the carpark. We'd got off very lightly.

So Aussie, Aussie Aussie!

Mr Cobber Trivia

I Love A Sunburnt Country


I was down at Dingo Fuel early tonight, 11pm-ish, getting my petrol from Ravi and Dean.

Ravi wanted to show me all his fantastic Australia Day gear. They aren't far from the fireworks staging area, so the company has brought in a range of patriotically themed products to cater for the discerning Oz Day party-goer. There were Australian flag motifs on everything - novelty hats, stickers, beach balls, t-shirts. They also had a range of sparkly body paint and glow sticks (only 3 bucks!).

Dean's favourite was the Australian flag hat where the flag was basically a large pin surrounded with tiny red LEDs that flashed on and off.

I was a little disappointed that nothing played a tinny electronic version of LAND DOWN UNDER or ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR.

There's always next year.

Mr Trivia

Hanks on Letterman


I'm not a huge fan of Tom Hanks, so I wasn't looking forward to seeing him spruik his latest film, CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR on Late Night with David Letterman tonight. However, something about sharing the green room with Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee must have arced up Mr Hanks.

He came out full of energy and just launched into it with Dave.

HANKS: I was just back stage with Mike Huckabee the next President…of Iowa!Surely everyone has decided who they’re voting for by now, anyone who says they’re undecided is just saying that because they want to get their shopping in the car quickly. (mimes pushing shopping cart) come on kids they want money or something!

DAVE L:So who are you supporting?

HANKS: I have no idea

AUDIENCE: (Big Laugh)

HANKS: But I have some questions in my mind which I haven’t thought of yet…I want to hear the answer to those. Remember Dave, They’re campaigning for change. Campaigning for change!

DAVE L: Does it have to be about change –…

Taxing Times


I was speaking to Rollo Tomasi (not his real name) at the ATO (not a real government department) today on the electric telephone. He explained to me why it was only fair and reasonable that the outstanding amount I owed, was upped a further 15.75% every time crude oil prices went up or down.

He then explained that this was why the amount I owed the people of Australia was actually different to the amount on the little chit the Australian Tax Office sent me.

MR TRIV: It’s not a little chit. It’s a pretty big chit, actually.

ROLLO T: Very good sir, humour will get you through this.

MR TRIV: I suppose you’ve heard that one before?

ROLLO T: Yes, but not this week.

MR TRIV: So I’m supposed to recalculate this amount before I pay you…

ROLLO T: Factoring in the US Sub Prime Loan crisis and El Nino, yes.

MR TRIV: What about the Australian cricket team’s run rate?

ROLLO T: It depends whether you mean beach cricket or v. India.

MR TRIV: I’d just like to say that all of this is undemocra…

Monopoly Rant


Rex Glasini, one our angry buddies over at, has put up a polemical video he has sourced on the YouTube, the words are by veteran American stand-up George Carlin (pictured above), but the whole thing seems to be put together by one of them culture-jammin' YouTubers in support of presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

Check out the Monopoly Men and their left leaning agitiations, here.

Mr Trivia

Anyone for Coffee?


Like many a workplace planet-wide (start big, I say) ours worships the coffee bean. I didn't realise how much a disciple I was until I chanced into work early.

Strictly, against the terms of the UN's Hardly Workin'Convention (a.k.a. the MaƱana Protocol) I cruised through the office and did a quick check on what I needed to do next week (I'd had five weeks away, see).

And there I discovered a Christmas card from the coffee chain Gloria Jeans addressed to Big Red, The Ghost and myself (names changed to protect the addicted).

Might be time to cut down on the caffeine in 2008.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia

Number Plates


I caught three new vanity plates while I was on my travels.

MATRIARCH was on a new model small car. Naturally I had to see who embodied these qualities, but the vehicle appeared to be driven by a man. Ironic comment? Or husband doing the Matriarch’s bidding?

DEARLY was also on a newer car. The fact that it’s an adverb is what makes it so intriguing. Could have said DEAR, or DEAREST, but, no.

LAYED OUT was on a cashed-up bogan’s ute. The vehicle was immaculate on the outside. I guess it could have been a sexual innuendo, but the spelling LAID OUT would be better for that, although that sounds like one’s laying days are in the past. Maybe the guy lays pavers during the week?

It’s a mystery!

Mr Trivia

p.s.Despite what it says on the above graphic, appears defunct, but is still up and running.

Happy New Year


You will recall how the changeover between the new year and the old year is traditionally represented by an infant and an old man with a long white beard. This venerable fella is known as Old Father Time, the kid is Chronos Junior or L’il Timex or somethin’. Wikipedia it, dude.

This graphic notion is still fresh after two hundred some years and I hope you enjoy this version of same.

Sign on for 2008 and enjoy more curmudgeonly irony with Mr Trivia, unless I have an epiphany or apotheosis and become a beatific being shining forth love and good vibes.

The odds are 20 to 1 against, I’d say.

Elevate the Insignificant,
Mr Trivia