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Wherever you go right now in the clean minitropolis of Perth, Western Australia, it's beginning to feel a lot like CHOGM. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting has rolled into town. It hasn't started officially, but like the precursors of another well-loved festival–the Yuletide tinsel and fruit mince pies already in Coles and Woolworths–there are early signs that a great event in about to explode on our West Coast Zeitgeist.

There is a literal sign on the city's Esplanade. In large letters it spells out PERTH. It is scaled to be viewable from the new Kings Park Reception Centre. This labelling will be particularly helpful for international visitors for whom Perth is but one stopover among many.

Hipsters have already derided the PERTH sign for its naffness.That it feels like a visual pinch from the famous Hollywood sign has been a common theme. The perceived try-harness of this installation; its corporate or municipal utility and lack of flair are common threads of…

Space Ziering

Why this video now? Because Ian Ziering of the original 90210 cast has simply been overlooked and ignored by popular culturalists. I am simply attempting to restore some much-needed balance. Do I see myself doing something similar–a video corrective–for Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling or Shannen Doherty? No. I leave these good works for others. Ian Ziering had something special about him in his twinkly-eyed, crinkly-haired way. There was something about him that seemed to bridge the Chaos and Cosmos. Please enjoy my humble tribute to an even humbler artist. Mr Trivia

Nosh Review: 3/10/2011

C-15 Cafe, Risely Street, Applecross.
Works Burger $22.00.

Yep, I know it's quite the super fat, carbs and protein upload. Includes pineapple AND beetroot. Had to share my chips with @objectman while he read a PC WORLD review of the new Kindle Fire on his iPad 1 (See: Amazon Kindle Fire First Impressions: Solid but Limited).

I chose to wash me burger down with a green tea. Gotta say, although the nosh was good-ish, the service was 4/5 - which is an improvement for this popular Applecross cafe.

I am now ready to watch THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND (1983) over at @philjengkane"s holo deck. It was Peckinpah's last film apparently. Looking forward to seeing Craig T, Nelson's porn mo and Meg Foster's alien blue eyes.