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Shouldn't he get this as a tatt?

Is that "Brush Script"

Apparently, yes. Pish tish to those nay sayers,  including myself, who say nay to using Brush Script  as a font style on a public building! The Reynolds Road Doctors Collectivo (or whatever they call themselves) seem more than happy to brand themselves thusly. More power to their elbow we say.

Sleep Debt Cinema (3rd April 2012)

If you weren’t awake between 1.30-3.30 am in Australie this morning, you may have missed the movie C.H.O.M.P.S  on 7TWO which was more or less about a young man (Wesley Eure) who made a robot dog that could see through walls and sense when crime was about to occur; so the mutt had Minority Report moves. As nearly as I could tell the young fella did all this to impress Valerie Bertinelli from ONE DAY AT A TIME, HOT IN CLEVELAND and the Cindy Crawford “Meaningful Beauty” infomercial (also a fave of insomniacs everywhere).
Everything about this movie was cartoonishly poor and it turned out that animation legend Joseph Barbera helped to write the screenplay. There was a cast of veterans including Jim Backus, Red Buttons and Conrad Bain. Apart from this, the only other thing going for it was the cross-sectional robot dog models (as seen in top photo). In addition to robo-Benji there was also a couple of Doberman cross-sections that were probably the work of some obsessive in the Art Depar…