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Hail Zeitgeisters, 

Google Maps–like many things online–has a social dimension. Punters are encouraged to review the businesses that are on the maps. I found the above review of Macca's Tuart Hill, intriguing. Let us ignore for a moment the strange syntax and grammar and ponder the idea that despite the cheese often having a "strange taste" the reviewer still patronises the establishment.  "I'd like a Boston Deli Bagel, but minus the strange-tasting cheese, por favor."  Is that how one would navigate the transaction? For the record, "strange cheese" gave the joint a 4/5 star rating.

The other two reviews also beg questions of the discriminating netizen. "Excellent customer service, always neat and clean, they make you feel like you are the king." It's not clear if the monarch in question is Albert II, King of the Belgians or perhaps boxing promoter Don King, but the reviewer is clearly a fan of thi…

Blades of Glory

We received this in the post in the last few weeks. It’s a piece of synthetic turf. A friend of mine wondered if it was somehow connected to the banning of Kronic, but no, it’s simply a rather nifty idea for selling fake grass. I liked the look of it so much that I stuck a golfball on it to give it further realism.

I promise, I am not related to these people or in a tryst with one of their reps. Mr Trivia is not usually in the business of plugging products, but this seemed like an unusual and clever marketing idea. Get a piece of the product, stick your details on the bottom and put it in people’s letterboxes. Kudos to the folks at All Seasons Synthetic Turf.

Mr Trivia