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All Over The Map

I was sussing out the website of a certain national rubbish removal company–it looks like we'll have to move out of our current domicile very soon–and I noted they were making some impressive claims about the scope of their business in little old Perth. 

As you can see from their ad below they have Perth covered. They're confident, maybe even a little cocky. The attitude is very much step aside, we got this.

If you're not from our minitropolis you may need some help in understanding just how covered from Mount Lawleyto Inglewood really means. I have provided a helpful map below to give you some idea of the awesome distances involved. 

The ad then lists the sort of jobs they do and the far flung places to which they travel. If you look at my second map the area in the top half that resembles a lap-banded haggis, represents their zone of operations.

No doubt they have plans to extend their business as far as Willetton, Hamersley and Fremantle, but until then, those million or so…

Phoning It In

Unlike Barack Obama who is happy for the Obama for America folk to run his Pinterest, mine is sadly and authentically my own. I usually spend the wee small hours pinning images in a bid to force sleep to steal over me. The picture above is of a raven who was kicking me out of his favourite spot at the Lakeside Joondalup car park.  Click the link and suss out the Phone Slush Pinterest Board that contains other such gems.

"I" Who Have Nothing

Dear Words With Friends,

It is my belief you have something against “I”.  Three times I attempted to play this letter in the course of two different games. Each time your Words With Friends “computer” (and I use the term with contempt and derision) decided to rule against the words I had chosen. The examples are below.

IGORED  - the past tense of the verb to “Igor” - as in Igor, the munted assistant from Universal Studios' 1930s FRANKENSTEIN movie franchise. To Igor is to assist someone and endure his or her withering scorn and derision, to become their scapegoat. Thus Anne Hathaway’s character igors for Meryl Streep’s character in 2006 movie THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

ZIGIROS - A well-regarded Icelandic party band that have never won a Eurovision Song Contest

ITA   - in Australia, Ita Buttrose is the name of one of our secular saints. She was the founding editor of Cleo, the editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly and she more or less invented Australian feminism. She was the subject of …