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We Heart Asimo

Have a decko at what I wrote about Asimo the Honda Robot over at the other blog.

ACP: 1000 Hours of Drama

Hey Zeitgeisters,

If you've got the Insomni like what I do, and you're living in the Lucky Country (aka Australia) then you'll be fully across the fact that the Seven Network are showing old episodes of the series A COUNTRY PRACTICE (1981-1993)in the wee hours, during the week.

If you tune in around now, ACP is at the point of dealing with the death of Nurse Donna Manning (Caroline Johannson) in a car accident. Ben the vet (Nicholas Bufalo) is taking it particularly hard, because although they were housemates and friends, he never told Donna how he really felt (he loved her, right?) - and now - sadly, it's too late.

So Ben is grief stricken, even though Donna's brother Peter (Mark Owen-Taylor) is strangely casual about the whole tragedy. So it was just as well that he gave Doctor Alex (Di Smith) such short shrift in the last episode.He's a sad, clockwork man, anyway. And I mean what was Dr Alex doing asking him how he felt about her less than two weeks after …

Geeks Versus Nerds


I have a friend who has her own wheelbarrow theory that she pushes in order to define the difference between nerds and geeks. She says that a geek is someone with a passion or area of interest whereas a nerd is someone with a true expertise in a subject. Therefore your pal who spends a lot of on their PC, likes to use netspeak, is an early adopter of Google gizmos and has a World of Warcraft account may be a computer geek, but might know very little about actual programming or coding. I was speaking with my neighbour, an IT guy from Switzerland and discovered that he knows almost nothing about social networking on the Internet – so he would be a nerd.

So, sticking with this theoretical categorisation it becomes clear that almost everyone I know is some kind of geek. I was at Media Dell//Arte Xmas Lunch on Friday talking to a couple of friends who are animation/sci-fi geeks. One of them was drawing a series of robots on the paper tablecloth. Bob and Vincent from The Blac…

This Week with Kenji | No. 1

Our friend, Kenji Phlange used to write about politics for the now-defunct Monopoly Men site. We have invited him here to spiel on anything with a vaguely political bent that grabs his interest during the week. And with out customary inventiveness we are naming this section as above. Pretty good, huh?

This entry can also be found at

G'day Citizens,

"Who Throws A Shoe? Honestly." Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery asked this in his 1997 film. We now know the answer is Muntazer al-Zaidi, a television journalist who lobbed his size 10 loafers at President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference, a week ago, when the 'leader of the free world' was visiting Iraq.

President Bush's idea was to spin the unpopular Iraq War. Something along the lines of "Hey you guys, The Surge is working real well, even though you all said it wouldn't. Who looks stupid now?" It's all part of his all singin', all-dancin' GEORGE…

Renovation Rescue


I’ve been on sabbatical from this blog. And I have returned with a new plan. I am combining this blog (the more personal one) with my other blog (the even more focussed on retro-kitsch media than this one). Therefore the entries that would usually run here in ‘The Tract’ will run in, however, material that would usually appear in that blog won’t run in this one.

Confused? You won’t be as you journey with me for the extremely long-winded and slightly complex Mr Trivia’s Blog Amalgamation Scheme (MTBAS).

We will get there.

Mr Trivia