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Bet this driver thinks he's an Aussie Legend

Intelligent Designs

For as long as I have lived in this town that we call Perth and for as long as I have been intertwined with this flesh-eating virus we call the Internet, people–and I use the term loosely, for some are very likely to be revealed as Cylons at a later date–have been yammering on about how tough it is to design a logo for a business. Usually their own business.

But you know people, they like to have a drama to star in. Whenever I've heard anyone going on about marketing their business and doing a corporate redesign, I've thought something along the lines of "Why don't you give it a rest, you absolute waste of space, if you say the word 'brand' one more time I'll push you in front of a tram." Sure it's a little dark, as inner monologues go, but as I don't live in a tram city like Melbourne, Zagreb or Toronto, the threat of death-by-streetcar seems minimal.

Recently, I thought it was time that I delve into the world of logo design to see how hard i…