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Blurred With Age

Gesundheit Zeitgeisters,

I’ve had a lovely cold for the last 72 hours. I’ve been watching television and sleeping, and I am now in a weird trance-like state. There are two noteworthy moments of telly that I would like to share with ye.

One of these was during Channel 9’s THE NRL FOOTY SHOW which was entertaining, as always. Thing is, I’m not into League - AFL is my code and I want the West Coast Eagles to win the flag this weekend. However, THE AFL FOOTY SHOW is crap.

Why? Briefly; Sam Newman is a thug. THE AFL FOOTY SHOW seems happy to run with Sam verbally attacking the less mentally-agile; whether they are players or fans on the streets of Melbourne. THE NRL FOOTY SHOW has a really strong on-camera team of Fatty, Sterlo, Matty Johns and The Chief. They actually know how to work together and the whole thing just clicks.

THE AFL FOOTY SHOW has Gary Lyons and Jamie Bradshaw constantly telling Sam to move on. He is essentially not a team player. Sure, people tune in to se…

War Footing

Yesterday morning I was watching Network Ten’s 9am with David and Kath (Kim Watkins is in Borneo). The Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison was answering questions about the upsurge of crystal meth abuse in Australia.

Obviously it’s a huge problem; Ellison was good on stats and sounded passionate about his subject. Unfortunately he kept using the phrase “The War on Drugs”.

Does this American phrase work in an Australian context? Should we be using it at all when you consider its history?

Former US president Nixon coined it when he called for a War on Drugs in 1971. That War continues to this day. In 1964 Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty and in 2001 George W. Bush declared a War on Terror.

Perhaps at first the term “The War on…” was created to give an impression of decisive action with the hope for a swift conclusion.

So far nothing termed “The War on…” has reached a satisfactory end. Maybe it’s time this phrase was dropped from the political and journalistic…

What's with George Eads' Hair? & David Edwards

Hey Zeitgeisters,

Bet you thought this blog would never top “What’s with Bradley Whitford’s Hair?” For those of you who weren’t part of that historical blog entry, it was the glittering moment where I wondered what’s with West Wing star Bradley Whitford’s hair. Good times.

However, tonight, while watching the current series (in Australia) of CSI :Original Recipe, I was forced to witness the unpleasantness of George Eads’ new(ish) 'do and I felt compelled to blog on’t.

George plays the part of Nick Stokes and has spent some 5 or 6 seasons with a haircut “you could set your watch to,” as Grandpa Simpson might say. It was always short; it always had that US Marine Corps vibe; it was always as dependable as the ebbing and flowing of the tides.

Now in something of an El Nino effect, I note that someone in Jerry Bruckheimer’s organization has decided to mess with the length of George’s crowning glory.

Although I chiefly watch CSI waiting for Grissom…

Not Barry Bostwick

Mr Bostwick looks a little like this if you squint.
just time to say a couple of things. It has become clear to you, I’m sure, that I am a Gen X-er - and and one of the older ones. But I keep the fiction of never giving away my actual age, name or visual appearance because many of you like to imagine what Mr Trivia might look like. Or envision an identity for him.

You’re only human, after all.

There are even a number of you who believe that I am baby boomer Barry Bostwick, actor, born 1945 and famous for the role of Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This, too is wrong. Would the real Barry Bostwick bother to note that on the Google/ Firefox page it says: “Love Firefox? So do millions of others. Help us spread the word!”

No. he would be too busy dealing with fan letters and movie offers. He wouldn’t have time to be part of some viral marketing that was thinly-disguised as social networking.

And he couldn’t spare a moment for the following statement. “I lov…

What, No Interrobang?!


We live, I think you’ll agree, in an increasingly puzzling world.

As children we are led to believe that we will improve our lifeskills and become better at doing things – whether these things are physical, verbal, mathematical, linguistic or other skills.

And for a time, this seems to be true.

Then one day, usually after 35, we discover there is a drop-off point. We don’t improve necessarily. If we continue to improve in any area it is only with a massive amount of study, labour, exercise – you name it.

More importantly for my current argument-slash-rant, our understanding of the world we live in, doesn’t improve or become more acute.

We spend all our years from say – six – onward, believing that someday we’re going to get it. Understanding will be ours.

This, I think, is utter horseshit.

Before youse all reach for your keyboards to tell me about your Truth, allow me to prepare the way. One day, I might just surrender to the Big Mystery and suddenly embrace the Godhead. I fear …

Wear A Rock T-Shirt

Hi Zeitgeisters,

Why should we wear a rock t-shirt on Rocktober 4th?

So that Keira Knightley doesn't have to.

Don't let some Hollywood starlet move into our domain. It's not like we're going to be elbowing her aside on the red carpet any time soon.

Wear your Rock t-shirt on Wednesday Rocktober the 4th.

Further details here.

Rock on!

Mr Trivia

Shameless Cross-Promotion #2

Lep Loney is a friend of this blog and he writes poetry ripped from today's headlines. Or sometimes pulled from the advertising leaflets you find stuffed in your letterbox.

Enjoy his latest brilliant poetic work Fung's Kitchen and then check the comments section where he then critiques his own work without fear or favour.

Genius is an overused word and happily it does not apply here.


Mr Trivia

Self Belief

In a media-landscape dominated by so-called talent shows and alleged documentaries about bands getting together, I thought there was no way standards could drop any lower.

Then I saw Girlband on Channel freakin’ Ten.

Yep, I know Australia’s Network 10 is the home of such crud. Readers of this blog will know that I watched Big Brother 2006 on this very network - although in my defence, I couldn’t make it to the end, your honour.

The idea of all the various Idol and Pop-Star shows is that we want to watch young hopefuls become recording stars. It’s a product-driven, minutely managed process that mimics the struggle of an unsigned musical act to “make it”. We know its ersatz, but the soap opera of egocentric hotties fighting for the spotlight has its own compelling drama.

However, even my lowered standards were not prepared for the drivel that of this show. I could attempt to describe the melted cheesiness purporting to be entertainment, but Girlband’s website does it so much better.

Rocktober Rules

Many of you know where I work. For those who don’t, it may or may not be CLONE PRINTS a 60 minute photocopying house in the Perth suburb of Nedlands. Or perhaps it’s THE CLASS MENAGERIE an up-scale pet shop in Leeming. The hypotheticals are endless, so let’s move on.

For the last two years, at my work place, we have resurrected the term Rocktober to describe the tenth month.

Why? Because Rocktober was the name radio DJs used – without irony – in the 1970s. Because October is just a little too far away from Christmas and New Year to be of any use. (Halloween? – Whateverrr…)

So if a month has to ROCK it should be Rocktober.

The name of the game is simple. For the entire month of Rocktober, find ways to use the following terms in conversation:

That Rocks (You Rock etc.)
Rocked up to
Rock out
Rock my World
Rock on

You get the picture. The other important feature of Rocktober is the Wearing of the Shirt.

The Rock t-shirt was a popular item of clothing in the 1970s and 1980s. Its popularity …