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A Dummy Dreams

Hola Guys,

Mister Trivia has invited me to write on his blog again ¬(in lieu of last week’s salary, but the less said about this, the better - cheap bastard). He said I could choose any topic that interested me, so I have chosen the Realm of Dreams.
You may ask if a Ventriloquial Facilitator (my actual job title) dreams and of course the answer is “Hells, yeah!” Nerds will recall the movie 2010 made back in 1984 which was the sequel of 2001 made back in 1968 (you’re getting this, right?). In it, the SAL 9000, the next model on from the redesigned HAL 9000 asks some science nerd (Dr Chandra) about what will happen when she (the SAL 9000) is switched off. If memory serves, some kind of compute error is preventing Chandra from exiting Internet Explorer.  It's just frozen there onscreen. He is embarrassed his colleagues will arrive and he'll have to explain why he is on Ebay bidding for a dozen “dental gags”. So the Doc is about to power down the SAL 9000 when this exchange take…

Diacritic over the 'o' Facebook - really?

Nosh Review (25/9/11)

The Merchant, Risely Street. Carrot Cake $4.50; EBT $4.50 - (2.5/5)
However 5/5 for playing Frank Sinatra's cover of "The Look of Love"  Nice.


Taffy #01

Public Domain Cartoon Characters

Just because something is in the public domain doesn't mean it is any less worthwhile than those things in private hands. Even as we speak the Internet is destroying the notion of copyright. Even as we speak the Internet is smashing the idea of intellectual property. Even as we speak the Internet is making wealth and actual property ownership an obsolete concept.

Ha! Kidding. Of course the Internet has little to no effect on the incredibly rich and powerful. But we can dream our petty envious dreams eh, sisters and brothers!

Which brings us smoothly to this seasons fantastic new Public Domain Cartoon Characters. They're nearly as good as the licensed, syndicated, trademarked and registered kind. Enjoy.

Baine Marie Moments: Cream Corn & Cheese Toasty

In the future, fake tan will mean 'Early 21st Century'

For some unknown reason, this very evenly toned brown (and sometimes orange) is still fashionable in 2011. There's some kind of mass delusion that this looks good.

Other mass delusions from the past include The Mullet, the music of LIVE and the idea that Lawrence Leung is a television personality.

I maintain that the 'noughties and the following years will be known in retrospect as The Bronzer Age.

Linked Invitation Error

Greetings All,
This morning I accidentally sent a Linked In invitation to all of my gmail contacts. My apologies. It was never my intention to spam you all. If you wish to accept that invitation please do. By the same token, please feel free to turn it down.
As a bonus (I'm calling it that) I blogged about my error on the Mr Trivia site. He also received a Linked In Invitation from me. (See Below) Thank you for your patience.
Phil Jeng Kane

Missing Links

If you've somehow become sucked into this 'blog through a Linked In post that came through this morning, my apologies. My erstwhile frenemy, Phil Jeng Kane, hit the wrong tickbox and somehow an invitation became a post.

Modern Life, eh? Did the Cro Mags or Paleolithics have this problem? Did Neanderthals ever front at some kind of ritual gathering only to discover that the burning message tree in the valley below was not, in fact, meant for their inbox? Then lots of awkward standing around with one tribe wondering if it should offer these interlopers a haunch of their roast mastadon (pre-history fans send your haughty emails now).

During the Middle Ages, did The Pope ever receive a hastily scrawled vellum saying something like:
"Look, if you get a parchment from me and the rest of the monks at the Order of St Benedict referring to you in less than glowing terms Your Holiness, then it wasn't actually meant for you - we were having a laugh with the Heironymites of the O…

Saw this at IGA last night. WTF Benefiber?

Getting The Band Back Together

Long time readers of this 'blog and Perth Zeitgeisters in general, will recall that I used to be a member of WA's Premier Party Band - Dancing With Gorbachev a.k.a. The Gorbies a.k.a The Gorbys. We were kind of a Slim Jim and the Fatts Band but not as alternative. There's still many a Gen Xer who will recall how we used to blow the roof off Leopold with our George Thorogood covers. We disbanded back in '06, after an incredible show at St James Mitchell Park.

I didn't think I'd ever want to jam again, but lately I've been feeling that old feeling again.

But getting the Gorbys together would be a mistake. Reunions can be tricky things. The world was terribly disappointed that The Spice Girls had one at all. And many of us dream of the day The Rolling Stones get together in a rehearsal room and decide it's time to call it quits.

Anyhow, I'm thinking of starting a new band called either Collision Mesh or The Ethan Marrell Deep Impact Experience. I thin…

Dad Joke 2

> Some people need "discipline" others need the letter "c".

Dad Joke 1

I"d be "furious" too if they mispelled my numberplate.