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Forever Krystle

I discovered the existence of fragrance “user reviews” which I had no idea existed. Yes, I was that ignorant. Thank you, Internet. I read some of these at and and soon realised that perfumes have a dedicated and erudite user community who are prepared to go into great detail about what they think of the product but also what memories it evokes. It was a lot more fun than reading user reviews for electronic goods.

Glitteralex found a vintage bottle FOREVER KRYSTLE, "I fear the bergamot note has lost some of its freshness," she said. And then, "After a few seconds of the 'alcohol' note, a heart of plasticky vanilla rose atop a synthetic resin comes through. The musk makes an appearance after about 15 minutes. I do not see vanilla in the notes, but I am sure it is there. The scent is fairly simple, and linear in nature. Not a complex or symphonic perf."

Sandy gave FOREVER KRYSTLE a thumbs up, despite saying, "When this was fi…

Bacon and Egos

Hail Facebookers,
If you join the Bacon and Egos Group you'll never miss excellence like the Bacon AT-AT.
At Bacon and Egos we have a mission to re-blog, rebroadcast and report on Bacon stories or Bacon and Egg related items. We've worked hard over the last two years to bring you the Baconic News and keep you informed about this wonderful, processed meat product.
Now go to and see the half dozen Bacon AT-AT photographs. Mmm, mmm - Force flavoured BACON!

Tom Cochrane Free Zone

I heard someone using this a ringtone this week. I understand that we're all different et cetera, but if I ever hear this song on the radio I switch it off straight away. The rage takes half an hour to subside.

The Jaffle Pie is Back.

I'm calling it people. Grab a jaffle pie now while it's in that was-uncool-now-it's-retro zone.