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Rocktober 2006 Ends


Rocktober is almost done, so now is the time to complete the celebrations. It has been a pleasure sharing with you the vibes, the grooves and the love that is Rocktober - the most Rockin’ of seasons.

A number of you pinged back a Rock T-shirt photo and you can find the link to these just below. You all looked magnificent. There were many reasons why you chose a particular shirt, but one of you, wrote in some detail the history of his shirt. Read this below - after the links.


Wear A Rock T-Shirt:
The 2006 photos are sitting here on Flickr.

Ask Mr Trivia:
A reader with a pressing Rock question writes here.

Mr Trivia’s Budget Webcomic:
Low Rez Accomodation responds to Rocktober

Rocktober Poetry:
Lep Loney attempts a poem for the Rockin’ tenth month.

Rocktober Report:
Consultants, Kane and Kane explain the Rocktober rollout.


In Honor of Rocktober - a true tale of Rock and Roll.

"The crowd got angry, and this one man, He was gonna throw a bottle…

The Weekend Starts Here #1

So Zeitgesiters,

It’s Friday and I’m kicking back. I have nothing particular to say except the following pithy – nah dammit - petty observations.
There’s an NBC show that’s just started called Heroes about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary powers – so it’s an X-Men, Tomorrow People thing. Maybe not The Tomorrow People - for those of us who remember that particularly cheapjack '70s kids sci-fi series from the UK, nothing will ever really come close to its budget thrills.

None of which is my point, I stoop to conquer and draw your attention to the NBC website of this new show. In particular the bios of one of the actors, a child called Noah Gray-Cabey, It says: “A trained classical pianist by the age of three, Gray-Cabey is the youngest person ever to perform at the Sydney Opera Hall.”Ah yes, the world famous Sydney Opera Hall which visitors can enjoy along with the world-famous Sydney Harbour Pontoon.

* * * * * * * * * *
On an unrelated note, I was at the McDonald’…

My Secret is Out


If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it I say!

So, I’m on dial –up...

I’ve always been on dial-up. I am one of perhaps only a dozen or so, world-wide, left on this wind-blasted, cold, forsaken island that I call D’Isle-Up.

Sure, faster access to the www would be nice. And I hear the ‘net is in colour, now. And I sure wish that I could get moving pictures off of that there YouTube.

But maybe I got somethin’ better…Maybe I got moxie, stick-to-it-tiveness and good old-fashioned loyalty.

And maybe I’m just cheap.

But while you’re all over there enjoying yourself on the MySpace; having cybersex with each other’s avatars on the Second Life; downloading episodes of According to Jim on the BitTorrent; I’m back here like flippin’ Prospero in the Tempest or perhaps The Professor on Gilligan’s Island, doing what I do, with an endurance and stoicism not seen since Rush Limbaugh’s fight with prescription painkiller abuse.

My name is Mr Trivia.

And I’m on dial-up.

Elevate the Insignificant