I <3 this soulless conglomerate. I wish they made fan merch.

Flight Risk

Profound Sadness

Vending Machine Win

Sunset over WCIT campus Joondalup, September 1st.

Orange Art

Promo Fail

Blake's 7 - Orac Loves You

Quentin Bryce is our Governor General

Breakfast Review

I ♥ the Governor-General. She's tremendous.

Slap Happy

Lunch Review - Ipoh


Top Hat

Common Transformations

Late lunch. Mushroom soup made with UHT skim and 2 x plain ricecakes.#luxury

At Post Office. Thinking of buying Spartacus DVD. Other DVDs begin speaking. "No, I am Spartacus.' in quiet digital voices.

My iPhone Wallpaper rings in the changes.

Vending Machine FAIL!

The Prize Cube has hideous gifts to share - Hoyts Lobby. Booragoon.

At last! On the chilled shelves of my local IGA . Apparently it's great for roasting potatoes.

Waiting Room

Props to Target

Queen Tut


Just so you're all up with all the minutiae if my existence - this Doris Day photo is my iPhone wallpaper.

This Week In Mr Trivia’s Bubble

Mr Trivia's Sci-Fi Story Begins

Fortress Spotlight - Myaree.

Strolling thru glorious Myaree waiting for a new windscreen - sending this via Macca's wifi.

Yet another reason to visit IGA Canning Bridge

Coffee loving bird just wandered in then out.

Waiting with my folks in Emergency at Charlie's (For Dad he's OK) A woman here has an incessant Christmas ringtone.

Absence. Heart. Fonder.

The stage where dreams are made and broken - just waiting for the magic of Grant Denyer etc.

Queueing for Australia's Got Talent at Perth Convention Centre.

Young dachshund finds surfboard on Ardross Oval.

I Meta In The Intertext: The desktop of my old Mac laptop.

Bacon and Eggs | 001

Before We Get Those Jet Packs