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Time for a Cronut

Today I learnt that Chronos is the ancient Greek god of Time. Not to be confused with Cronus the titan who fathered Zeus greatest of all the Greek gods. Neither are to be confused with Cronut the tasty but over-rated combination of a croissant and a donut invented in 2012. Chronos the god is sometimes represented as a three headed serpent. Cronus the titan used a sickle to castrate Uranus, god of the sky (I know!) And Cronut the baked confectionary just sits there looking enticing. The original Cronut is approximately 230g and 1330 calories. Sadly there is no record of either Cronos or Cronus ever enjoying a Cronut.

Keep it Clean

Not to be a downer or nothin', but between the overuse of anti-bacterial hand-santiser and the overuse of antibiotics making them less efficacious against bacteria, we're pretty much one-sneezing-guy-on-a-plane-ride-who-turns-out-to-be-patient-zero away from a Steven-Soderburgh's-CONTAGION-what-happened-to-the-top-of-Gwyneth's-skull? scenario. If I go first, you can have my 1977 Star Wars bubble gum cards.

The Science of Silkening Our Language

If you're a Generation X-er like myself, you may remember the above headline as a parody of the slogan of a shampoo called Silkience. The Science of Silkening Your Hair was the promise with every bottle. I guess the name itself was a portmanteau word that shoved silk together with science in an unholy humentipeding of the two commonly used dictionary terms. The sharp-eyed amongst you will recognisehumentipede as a portmanteau neologism recently invented by me in the previous sentence. And yes, I have sewn together the word human and centipede and thus blatantly ripped off the rather repellent concept invented by Dutch filmmaker Tom Six for his series of Human Centipede movies. I come neither to praise Tom Six nor mention his work any further, I am here to discuss words and the writing of same.  The science of silkening one's hair sounds good. It is supposed to bring on thoughts of dedicated lab technicians testing myriad emulsions in different quantities on dry, normal and gr…