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The Weekend Starts Here #1

So Zeitgesiters,

It’s Friday and I’m kicking back. I have nothing particular to say except the following pithy – nah dammit - petty observations.
There’s an NBC show that’s just started called Heroes about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary powers – so it’s an X-Men, Tomorrow People thing. Maybe not The Tomorrow People - for those of us who remember that particularly cheapjack '70s kids sci-fi series from the UK, nothing will ever really come close to its budget thrills.

None of which is my point, I stoop to conquer and draw your attention to the NBC website of this new show. In particular the bios of one of the actors, a child called Noah Gray-Cabey, It says:
“A trained classical pianist by the age of three, Gray-Cabey is the youngest person ever to perform at the Sydney Opera Hall.”
Ah yes, the world famous Sydney Opera Hall which visitors can enjoy along with the world-famous Sydney Harbour Pontoon.

* * * * * * * * * *
On an unrelated note, I was at the McDonald’s South Africa website, using their restaurant locator to find the nearest South African Mickey D’s to me.

It seemed a toss up between one in Pretoria on the corner of Hans Strijdom & Kerrieklapper Streets,Waterkloof or perhaps one in Western Cape, Shop 26, Cape Gate Shopping Centre, Okavango Road, Brackenfell.

I’ve sent them an email to get further clarification on this matter and I will get back to you with their answer.

Of the menu itself, it was reassuringly the same one we all know the world over, although they don’t, of course have the McOz burger in South Africa. For those non-Australian’s reading this blog – potentially some 59% of you if my Sitemeter stats are to be believed - Oz is our cute name for Australia.

* * * * * * * * * *

And finally the lovely Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island; What’s going on there? you’re thinking. I get a lot of email from people who read L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables as a child, which was of course set on PEI.

So what’s happening up there this Friday and Saturday?

Tonight there’s music with Sean Mooney at the Dundee Arms in Charlottetown. Also in town is The Lipton Just For Laughs Comedy Tour with host Joey Elias, Tommy Tiernan, Todd Lynn, John Caparulo and Jim David. It’s on at the Confederation Centre. If you want quieter laughs then get along to City Cinema at 64 King Street in downtown Charlottetown and catch up with Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen in his great new film Scoop.

And if you want to spend your Saturday getting jiggy with the political scene then an electoral reform citizens’ assembly workshop will be held on October 28 from 12:45 to 4:30 pm at St. Peter’s Cathedral Hall, All Souls’ Lane, Charlottetown, near the Provincial Government Buildings.

Thanks to the PEI’s own The Buzz for that info.

And that’s what happens when I roam the ‘net with no particular purpose. God, I love the ‘net – almost as much as my iPod.

Elevate the Insignificant,

Mr Trivia


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