The Multiverse According To Von Disco

Esteban von Disco saw his first moonbow (a nighttime rainbow) whilst dog-sledding with his family across Alaska at age 1. “It transformed me from a baby, wasting time and precious resources, into a being of sheer wondrous potential. I saw the infinite and was unafraid.”

Three decades later, in March 2017, he deploys GENERIC | LOGO on all platforms, in all markets, simultaneously, osmotically and with maximum humility. As he explains, “You’re in the middle of a forest fire and the sun goes nova. And you’re like – “I get it”.

Von Disco conlangs at genius level. “Sun Tzu and the Buddha, they grok me, bruh.”  Indeed, they are very much the spiritual underwriters of the GENERIC | LOGO exemplar and IPO.  Think back to the normcore era when life was basic and artisanal insecticide was not yet a thing. “I had the year from Hell,” he says” My haircut guy dies. He’s crossing the street with my lunch time ramen, his Zimmer frame gets caught in a car bumper and BOOM!”

GENERIC | LOGO emerged from that dark event. “I empty chaired at the Big Table for a time,” he explains, “Everything was noise with no signal.”  It was during these months he became Estevon ban Disco, war-activist-dj and brand ambassador for a coconut water that was eventually banned everywhere but the International Space Station where they used it as a coolant.

So von Disco went through yet another spiritual transmod to become VOND!SCO. The former Alpha Nerd and now beloved thought leader is born to trend, loves on the edge and lives on point. “For most people, life is a FOMO Trouser Gambit, red of tooth and claw,” VOND!SCO vapes reflectively, ”I’m like Bob Fosse, scratch that, Elon Musk and Sally Bowles, as a cybernetic amalgam with no conscience but suffused with gratitude. When Isherwood wrote, “I Am A Camera,” all cameras used film as the medium of image capture and a ring tone was something you discussed with your dermatologist.”

The future is bullish on GENERIC | LOGO. “We’re moto-doping the Zeitgeist 25/8, neh? ­The GENERIC | LOGO Experi-lution drops now.” The Concept/Genulator ingests another mouthful of his Loris-poo smoothie before announcing, “We need shades, varietals, hues and flavours.  Share-ables. Wear-ables. Hear-ables.” VOND!SCO speaks with the eerie confidence of a man who was born in the 20th century, but even now is birthing the 22nd century through the focused womb of a completely open mind.