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This Week In Mr Trivia’s Bubble

Monday. Sick at home and thus unable to educate today’s youth to not say LOL as a word. Not that I can manage this even when I’m there. I discover day-time television is as terrible as night-time television with a couple of subtle differences. Day-time TV is filled with infomercials about buying life insurance without a medical and infomercials for bagless, cyclonic Dyson ripoff vacuum cleaners that can pick up a bowling ball using just suction. Night-time telly is filled with infomercials about how the whole world is going crazy for Zumba and informercials with scantily clad ladies (some of whom can pick up a bowling ball using just suction) who want you to call them NOW for just $20.00 a minute.

Tuesday. Perth is finally cooling off. I take a picture of a deciduous tree in Joondalup in order to illustrate this point. Because I do that with an iPhone camera, it probably just looks like an ordinary tree. Believe me though, it was a crisp autumnal moment, the kind one will remember fondly in one’s dotage as the machine beeps and the rubber-wheeled trollies roll silently from ward to ward.

Wednesday. I teach some animation students about the rising line of action in a film narrative. But totally fail to call it this. Must remember to do go back in time or forward to the next class and do this. Have a great homemade Pho. Or Bun Bo Hue. My Vietnamese is exactly like my Cantonese. Completely non-existent. (And this guy calls himself Eurasian).

Thursday. I have coffee with a friend at Scuzzi’s on Angelo Street, South Perth. When we lived near there it was our deli. It’s a fave with the Angeloni, Coodos and Ansteyites who want to buy expensive continental ingredients. And now it sells reasonably priced coffee even though the drinking area is a bit of an afterthought.

Friday. Am driving along Canning Highway, Palmyra when I see a sign that says “Dress Sale. 8am-1pm Saturday 15th May. All Dresses under $100.” And I catch myself thinking ‘that’s’s cheap’. Then I remember. ‘You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You have never purchased a dress in all your life. You are just talking crap right now.” And when you think that. You'd better go blog.


Mr Trivia


Steve said…
Wow, what a week - far more exciting and diverse than my week - I am envious. I hear you on the day time vs. evening vs. late night TV ads - damn annoying...
Mr Trivia said…
I appreciate your comments! It actually seems like there are many more ads than ever because there is so much promo information in the shows themselves. Banners etc.

More exciting diversity to come in Mr Trivia's Bubble, Steve.
Steve said…
Yes please, more diversity - and please let me live my life through your own as I strive to finish my thesis and hesitate to venture out into the real world for the next few weeks...
Mr Trivia said…
Done. And good luck with the thesis.

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