And We're Done!

In December 2010, Mr Trivia left Australia and now travels the world as a consultant for WillowWare Storage.  

Mr Trivia left behind the writer whom he described as his alter ego Phil Jeng Kane. Phil maintains the various blogs that Mr Trivia left behind. These are a tribute to a blogger who was neither before nor after his time, but rather timeless, in the sense that his wisdom and his utterances are so universal that they could have been made at any point in history and have the same relevance as they do today - which is to say none whatever.

Mr Trivia and his Documenteur Mr Jeng Kane hope you gain some insight into a unique mind who left us for the world of plastic food storage too early and without warning.

Phil Jeng Kane


In December 2010, Mr Trivia discontinued this blog. He is now on a mission to observe and record. You may yet see evidence of his existence. Do not despair, Mr Trivia fans, wherever the trivial and the retro thrive, can he be too far away? 

Join his Facebook Fan Page to celebrate his essence. And yes, he is writing in the third person, we don;t need to make a thing of it.

Peace Out!

Mr Trivia