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Christmas Telly Highlights 2012

No, Virginia, The He Man and She-Ra 
Christmas Special (1985) is not on this year

Hail Zeitgeisters,

Obviously today is a day for family etc. what would you be doing watching the telly, eh?  However if you do wish to cast your eye over what’s on the free-to-air digital, you’ll find slim pickings. We’ve had a quick look and chosen some highlights also some “highlights” This selection is based on the Perth guide which will be similar to the guide in many capital cities, but there may be some regional differences.

9.16 AM-11.00 AM (ABC 1)

Mr Maddens, a primary school teacher, is charged with producing the school's nativity play and competing against the posh rival school for the honour of 'best show in town'.

Martin Freeman from THE OFFICE (UK) is the lead in what is a well-regarded family movie according to many on-line, although I thought this was awful when I saw it on Christmas Eve. Suss it out yourselves though when it is repeated today. For people who like to see little kids being cute and occasionally breaking into song and dance–or rather breaking into song and dance at the drop of a sequined hat–this will be very much Your Kind Of Thing. Ashley Jensen from EXTRAS and UGLY BETTY also appears. They’ve made a NATIVITY 2, by the way.


The madcap antics aboard the Pacific Princess take on a yuletide flavour on this episode cleverly named The Christmas Presence.  An angelic man (Mickey Rooney) becomes involved with a sick little boy, a couple (Maureen McCormick, Donny Osmond) and a pair of nuns. Marsha from The Brady Bunch plays a woman married to Donny Osmond–excitement!  Pop worlds colliding!

1.00PM-3.08PM (ABC1)

James Stewart stars as a man who learns the value of friendship when, in a desperate moment, he wishes he had never been born.  Frank Capra’s classic movie has been remade a number of times (once with Marlo Thomas in the Stewart role!) but has never been bettered. If you’ve never seen it before it’s in black and white, kids. But don’t let that put you off, settle back and give it a chance.

POPASIA (2012)
1.00PM-3.00PM (SBS 1)

If a monochromatic Jimmy Stewart simply isn’t your cup of nog, then maybe two hours of brightly coloured boy bands, girl groups, Asian-English lyrics and lots and lots and lots of dancing may be what you’re looking for. It's the wave of the future folks. BLADE RUNNER had it right! Soylent Green is People! (No, scratch that...)

3.32PM-5.02PM  (GEM)

You are invited to enjoy the most beautiful Christmas melodies together with Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. A magical spectacular performed at Andre Rieu's fabled castle in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Watch and feel the cross promotion, I mean, Christmas emotion.

7.30PM-9.00PM (NITV)

To celebrate Jimmy Little's life Australian musicians from around the country will gather and sing. Family and friends will come together to honour the contribution of this extraordinary Australian. The story also includes interviews with Paul Kelly, Christine Anu, Dan Sultan, Col Hardy, Don Walker and many others. The concert first screened after Jimmy Little's State Memorial service in Sydeny in May.

7.30PM-8.40PM (SBS 1)

This documentary lifts the lid on The Beatles most "controversial" work through never-before-seen footage, exclusive outtakes, and interviews with Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and others. That's the official logline, anyhoo. The film wasn't so much controversial as incoherent. Interesting note, The Beatles had a company called Apple before Apple MacIntosh ever existed and although this film is authorised by Apple Films it still manages to be an interesting look at an infuriatingly self-indulgent art film. Worth a watch.

BAD SANTA (2003)
9.29PM-11.30PM (GO!)

Conman Willie and his elf like "helper" work once a year near Christmas. The two pose as Santa Claus and an elf to rob department stores. Billy Bob Thornton, Lauren Grahame, John Ritter and Bernie Mac are great in this foul-mouthed, misanthropist movie that is filled with Christmas spirit but is none too pure.

Merry Christmas to ye all!
Mr Trivia


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