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Getting The Band Back Together

Long time readers of this 'blog and Perth Zeitgeisters in general, will recall that I used to be a member of WA's Premier Party Band - Dancing With Gorbachev a.k.a. The Gorbies a.k.a The Gorbys. We were kind of a Slim Jim and the Fatts Band but not as alternative. There's still many a Gen Xer who will recall how we used to blow the roof off Leopold with our George Thorogood covers. We disbanded back in '06, after an incredible show at St James Mitchell Park.

I didn't think I'd ever want to jam again, but lately I've been feeling that old feeling again.

But getting the Gorbys together would be a mistake. Reunions can be tricky things. The world was terribly disappointed that The Spice Girls had one at all. And many of us dream of the day The Rolling Stones get together in a rehearsal room and decide it's time to call it quits.

Anyhow, I'm thinking of starting a new band called either Collision Mesh or The Ethan Marrell Deep Impact Experience. I think both have their strengths.

The first name is a Captcha that I had to fill in to register with an Amish adult site. It actually wasn't that hot. The site shows ex-Amish of both genders, barn-raising, tilling fields and grooming horses whilst wearing fitted shorts and t-shirts from American Apparel's California Select range.

The second name comes partly from Washington Irving's 1820 short story The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. I'm doing this by memory, but I believe young Ethan Marrell was a stable boy who dreamt that in two hundred years time the town would be destroyed in the Global Financial Crisis.

I haven't thought a lot about The Music. I envisage it as part Ke$ha, part Lily Allen with a tiny bit of Taylor Swift wrapped around the block-rocking beats of Cee Lo Green. Conversely, I have thought a lot about The Look. Yesterday I discovered that they make footed pyjamas in adult sizes. Some people call them "footies" but they're the sort of individuals who say "LOL" as an actual word. No judgement or nuthin' but people like that are totes evil and are destroying Our Way of Life by speaking the English language no better than Channel 11's Labby and/or Stav.

But back to footed pyjamas in adult sizes. Yesterday I sourced a pair of yellow ones with police cars and fire engines on it. Me and the band will wear this for our Tears for Fears bracket. I've also located a pair of camo-footed pjs, which I think would be appropriate for our Regina Spektor set.

I'm excited by our creative direction and I see Collision Mesh or perhaps the The Ethan Marrell Deep Impact Experience kicking out the jams at the Fly By Night in Freo in twelve to thirty-six months.


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